Bio-metrics devices integration with school/collage/university students attend system (Whatever the platform names are) to provide students activities over SMS.

We will use 1. HTTP over TCP/IP Or 2. SMPP over TCP/IP for the messaging platform.
Few features of that services:
1. Send an acknowledgement SMS to the parents that your kids is in school and safe now.
2. Send an acknowledgement SMS to the parents that your kids is going to somewhere else (could be home, tuitions, etc.) from school.
3. Also a lot’s of services could be configured for example, result, exam, announcement etc.
4. Reporting.
5. Etc.
I know already few companies working on that in our country and this type of system are using UK, USA, CA, AU, JP etc., over 8/10 years ago . I developed a prototype of that system… What I am thinking now is to change the design from product base to service base.
What do you think guys?

Md. Marufuzzaman

Telco’s business becomes immovable (local context).

It’s just an exploration of mine that the telco’s business and their economy goes down. I think that the last couple years they don’t have any activities like launch new products or any services/business improvement … etc.

I don’t know why it’s seems to me that they don’t want to explore business. However I am thinking why they are still marketing their products / services in classical style. Third generation marketing is not based on couple of Internal policies; it’s an art for example: it’s build a strong relationship among companies and consumer; It’s like something touché, a product promotion is a very tiny thing where as creating a touché relation with the company and the consumer is more important.

Md. Marufuzzaman

Voice of mute people;

I think that if we could try then we and our world may listen the voice of mute people; yes mute peoples also can talk. You might be ask that how could a mute guy talk like others? The answer is If we help them, care them, if you try to feel their pain then I think you must think something helpful for them. However I would like to share my ideas which will help the mute guys for talking like us.

Core concept something like:

The basic idea is very simple, very very simple, when mute people trying to talk with you then what happen? You just here few noise / voice right? Yes my friend that’s the key. We use this voice code and our technology. We can easily create a device where every pattern of voice will be mapped into a specific alphabet for example:
Voice In (mute guys):
1. Ieeeee/Aaaa  I (alphabet)
2. Laaaa/  L
3. Beep  Stop

The devices will generate the text from the voice code i.e., “I LOVE MY WORLD” and convert it to voice……………………………………….& play for you !!!!
What we need, we need to love them, provide training so that they can create the voice code correctly for that device and finally may be they tell you “THANKS; Thanks my friend”

Md. Marufuzzaman

A simple tiny device can change the world…………………

XYZ device able to provide not only internet/browsing but also lot of things for the rural areas survivor people, in rural education, for example a primary stage student can get the touch of that technology which is unbelievable for that student where his/her family income maximum of 300 to 500 USD per year. .

The core idea something like:
“LCD/LED TV has the built-in functionalities to access internet and it’s very very expensive from the view of local context…But I am thinking that.. can we create a small electronic devices which will allow you to connect your TV screen with your mobile also allow you minimum of 2 or more USB input and control (i.e., Keyboard and Mouse) & finally you may able to browse internet.
I am not sure, but yes one thing I am sure that we can say all together “Internet for all”…….
What do you think about that?

So I would request you to let me know your feedback. It’s may be a very tiny things for you but if we build that device then the people from the rural areas will get benefited. So far my analysis on this project from last 2/3 years. I discover that the manufacture cost from raw materials to finish product would be below 70 USD.

One thing we guys must consider that the Mobile + The XYZ device + Smart TV where XYZ device use the Mobile like a CPU, so that few functionalities / apps could be added into the system. Total package could be considered as:
1. For communication
2. For Infotainment
3. For Entertainment
4. For Education
5. A flavor like using a small computer for those rural guys.
That’s will be the goal…..

Best regards,

Md. Marufuzzaman